Ask a Billionaire: GoPro’s Nick Woodman on His Business Idol


Ask a Billionaire: GoPro's Nick Woodman on His Business Idol

Photograph by Mathew Scott for Bloomberg Businessweek

Nick Woodman
Chief executive officer, GoPro
Net worth: $1.73 billion

Who’s your business idol?

Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder and CEO of Red Bull. What he and his team have done with Red Bull has been totally inspiring to me and has had a huge influence on GoPro. I mean, you can see it, right? Dietrich started out as a toothpaste salesman for Unilever (UL), and during his travels in Southwest Asia he found this revitalizing tonic that was great for jet lag. He had the idea that he could commercialize it in the Western world. Against all odds, he built one of the great consumer product companies of our time, despite everybody doubting him and questioning if the drink even tasted any good! I had the chance to meet with him, and I told him that he’s the unofficial godfather of GoPro. I don’t think I’d have dreamed quite as big if I hadn’t seen what Dietrich had done.